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stuck-object removal

  • Unique combination of strong tensile pull and high frequency impact
  • Removes objects more effectively and efficiently than conventional tools
  • Increases the likelihood of project success within the planned operating window and budget
  • Delivers a time and cost saving solution for object removal across drilling, fishing and well abandonment

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With its combination of strong tensile pull and targeted vibration, RotoJar is more likely to remove stuck pipe than a conventional jar and increase the likelihood of delivering wells on target and in budget Find out more.


RotoJar can successfully remove more casing per deployment and significantly reduce your operational time and costs in abandonment operations. RotoJar’s versatility allows it to be used as a casing removal tool in both stand-alone operations and single-trip cut-and pull programs.
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RotoJar enables quicker and more effective fishing operations and has the ability to fish in shallow or extended reach wells making it a far more flexible option for tool deployment. Find out more.

If you are interested in finding out more about RotoJar, the versatile, high-rate impact tool, please download our product information sheet here.

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