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In pursuit of perfection

Our Chief Technology Officer Adam Ubhi reveals the relentless attention to detail we have given our product development to date.

With experience and expertise across all stages of the product design and development process from concept design to operational deployment, you will appreciate my growing obsession with engineering perfection. This is not lost within the RotoJar business where we have been investing in the research, development, engineering and product testing of the RotoJar tool since 2011. And with Peter [link to Peter’s profile] at the helm, there is absolutely no room for error or deviation from our plan or pursuit of perfection.

Our vision is to revolutionise the industry challenge that is stuck-object removal. A prevalent, common industry occurrence, the impact of which is increased cost of equipment, greater costs of people and of course, an amplified and valuable cost of time. As engineers we believe there is always an answer, and the answer we have created is RotoJar.

The technology research and development direction in our business ensures that on a daily basis we are dedicated to solving the challenges associated with stuck-object removal. We have been working as a specialist team to develop a tool that combines a high frequency impact with a strong tensile pull, fundamentally enabling RotoJar to perform a simultaneous pull and rotary jarring action in one single effective movement. RotoJar will use this proven logic to reduce friction and binding forces to quickly remove stuck-objects.

If you would like to understand more about our continued pursuit of perfection in resolving the stuck-object challenge, please get in touch today.

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