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Job Title

Engineering Manager

Reporting To

Board of Directors

Department / location


Main Purpose

Thank you to all applicants, we really appreciate your interest however the position has now been filled.

& Accountabilities

  • Supervise and lead engineers, scientists and technicians who design equipment, plan and develop projects, and oversee production and quality control.
  • Direct and coordinate production, operations, quality assurance, testing, and maintenance of all engineering development processes and plant.
  • Oversee the research and development of new products and procedures.
  • Hire, train, and mentor other engineers and supporting staff
  • Write performance reviews and solve internal issues
  • Discuss and lay out project specifications
  • Make detailed plans to accomplish goals
  • Analyse market demand and available resources
  • Review, approve, or modify product designs
  • Prepare budgets, bids, and contracts
  • Negotiate research contracts
  • Approve expenditures
  • Review and recommend contracts
  • Develop cost estimates
  • Draft proposals and reports for clients
  • Improve manufacturing processes and advance scientific research
  • Develop overall concepts for a new product
  • Check technical accuracy of work
  • Establish administrative policies, procedures, and standards
  • Coordinate activities of unit with other units or organizations
  • Confer with higher levels of management

Education, Qualifications & Experience

Essential:  Masters or Bachelor Degree Qualified, Chartered Engineer

Preferred/Desirable:  MBA, Senior Leadership Training

Specific Training / Specialist Skills

Essential:  Drilling and fishing tool development expertise

Preferred/Desirable:  Organisational development

Personal Skills and Qualities

Essential:  Self-starter, visionary leadership, ability to build and motivate a team outside of the norm as needed in a small fast-growing company. Ability to network and form relationships with external parties/bodies, credibility in the industry and as an individual, communication and negotiation, financial acumen, project management, problem solving and critical thinking.

Preferred / Desirable: In depth knowledge of drilling, fishing and P&A markets and changing technical and business environments, PR and presentation skills.

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